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Fuzzy's Book of Fantastic Freebies

Stuff I have for sale to raise funds

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This is some of the stuff I am selling to try to raise funds for our family and Jo Ann

This is the canoe I have for sale
I built this by hand and it only weighs about 60 lbs.

outside view of canoe I built and am now selling
Worth $4500 will sell for only $2500 You have to collect it though

Inside of canoe

Here are some pictures of the cedar benchs that convert to picnic tables I built 4 but we only need 3 so I am selling 1 off. All these benchs where sanded and the had 2 coats of spar varnish applied to each piece before assembly then after they where put together I put another coat of spar varnish on all the surfaces that would be flat. So it is well protected from both the sun and rain. These will last for years and look great as well.

Cedar bench that converts to a picnic table
One of the bench/picnic tables I built. I built 4 but only need 3 so am selling 1

Set up as a table
This is how they look when set up as a picnic table.

Another pic set up as a table.